14th AXDW: A summary of day 2 Laskaris, Athina Korda, Valtadoros and Faliakos by Petridis

Fashion designer Laskaris started the second day of Athens Xclusive Designers Week with a special show.
A mermaid, waves of the sea, making Fani’s wish come true (make-a-wish) and soprano Vasia Zacharopoulou, all parts of the fashion show of Laskaris.

Second show was by Athina Korda with stylish designs and unexpected details, followed by Valtadoros. Paris Valtadoros left his safety zone and experimented with prints and silks. Love the way the designer is developing himself each time.

Antonia Kallimoukou opened the show of Valtadoros with having put a tattoo on her back…

The evening was closed by Faliakos by Petridis, we haven’t seen a lot of shows by Christos Petridis but this one, thanks also to the excellent choreography, was a pleasure for the lens!

Here my review in photos.